Wendy Darker

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DSCN1479Award winning artist Wendy Darker studied fine art at Northampton Art School and to degree level at Edinburgh. In the mid nineties she took the decision to following her own path and set up an art and design business.

This culminated in winning the prestigious ‘Gift of the Year’ award from the Giftware Association as well as the ‘Best Peak Business’ award for the most successful enterprise in the Peak District area, backed by Business Link. She now licences her artwork in many countries around the world. Her work can be seen on a large array of products such as greeting cards, mugs, calendars, posters and home furnishings.

Her work displayed at St John Street Gallery features delightful original paintings, canvas prints and limited edition prints of animal subjects, as well as an array of greeting cards.

Wendy usually paints her animal subjects against a flat white background, which creates an uninterrupted connection with the onlooker. Loose brush strokes create life and movement in the painting, whilst attention to the eyes brings depth and soul to the body.

The subjects disappear off of the edge and around the corners of the painting, creating a feeling that these creatures are free to wander off the canvas at any time.

This all achieves a sense of empathy with the subject, which is often missing in artistic interpretation and even in our day-to-day relationships with the animals around us.

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