Tricia Harrison

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Tricia Harrison is a local artist and sculptor although her journey to Derbyshire has taken her round the UK and beyond.  She studied Life Drawing and Sculpture at Glasgow School of Art whilst working at Strathclyde University, lived in Lancashire and Turkey before running and developing the Science department at a large prep school in Surrey.  Since moving to Derbyshire she has returned to her creative roots and paints and sculpts in her own studio.

Although landscapes feature in her work, her principal interest has always been figurative painting and sculpture.  Indeed, it might almost be described as a way of life such is her fascination with face and form.

She uses watercolours, inks, acrylics and mixed media to achieve fresh and vibrant paintings, varying the mix of materials and their application to create atmosphere and reflect her response to the subject.  She readily discards work that does not match her original objectives for a subject but often saves those ideas for use in new work.

Sculpture is different.  It involves so many alternative processes to turn the original in clay into a robust finished object.  Clay varies hugely in accordance with its specification and her subjects reflect this: images may be formed from thin sheets of clay applied to an armature or by carving and shaping a solid mass which must then be hollowed out prior to firing. Fired pieces can then be either glazed and fired again or finished with paints, polishes and varnishes by hand.