Sue Lewis Blake

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Sue Lewis-Blake

Sue Lewis-Blake

Sue is an experienced artist and teacher, an elected member of the National Society of Graphic Fine Arts [the drawing society] and a member of the Peak District Artisans. Work has been included in prestigious exhibitions including those at the Royal Watercolour Society and the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists. She exhibited in France and Germany as well as the UK. Pieces have been selected for inclusion in Open Exhibitions at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Derby Museum and – most recently the Derbyshire Open at Buxton where her accepted entry has gained a commendation.

Principally a 2D landscape artist, she uses a wide range of media, which can at times evolve into relief or even 3D. The subject will determine an approach that can range from observational drawing to oils, watercolours or semi-abstract mixed media pieces. She tends to work in series and at present is developing two new portfolios, one based on stiles, footpaths and lines through the landscape and the other focusing on the many semi-ruined barns that dot the fields in the area where she lives near Bakewell.

The Artist Tutor

Sue Lewis-Blake is a highly experienced artist and teacher working with a wide range of media and exploiting a multiplicity of techniques in order to investigate shapes and forms. Paintings have been included in prestigious exhibitions both in the UK and abroad. Whilst traditional in their subject [landscapes, interiors, still life] her paintings may encompass several media and frequently rely on interplays of surface and technique to achieve the desired result. This can even include building a three dimensional element into the work.

Sue is an elected member of the National Society of Graphic Fine Arts, so drawing plays a vital role in her artistic practice. It is used to sketch and record, to underpin compositions and as an artistic vehicle in its own right. The term “drawing” is in itself interpreted widely.

Sue also has a depth of art historical knowledge, has taught the history of art to A’Level and runs regular art appreciation classes exploring ideas from the Ancient Greeks through to present day artists.

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