Ruth Gray

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RuthRuth is a local artist whose passion is landscape painting. She crosses between abstract and representational styles, because by painting the real it can be abstracted into further ever more interesting configurations.

She finds inspiration in my everyday life and paints what she encounters, whether Alpine region of Victoria Australia or The Peak District National Park in Derbyshire UK, both areas of outstanding natural beauty where she has lived.

Ruth carries a camera everywhere to capture opportune moments of light and weather effects. 

She explains: “I sketch and study a view to help place and rearrange the composition, I also crop and manipulate photographs to maximise the focal point of each work. This ensures that every artwork is unique to me and therefore unique to the viewer”.

She works mainly in ‘Atelier Interactive Acrylic’ as it has the qualities of watercolour and dries beautifully matt to avoid the harsh shine sometimes found in acrylics. She also uses acid free tissue paper and sand or glitter to add texture and interest depending on what the intended outcome of the piece is. This often creates an overall pervading, almost ethereal atmosphere in her work.