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You can now bid on a selection of limited edition silkscreen prints by renowned British artists! Please make your offer – the minimum offer for each print is indicated below its image. Offers will be considered until February 28th. Please use the contact form to make your offer.

All the prints are framed.

Les Junies. SOLD!

JOHN PIPER: John Piper’s (1903-1992) career in art spanned over sixty years and has incorporated a huge range of artistic media including printmaking, painting, drawing and illustration, photography, stained glass, fabric design, murals, stage sets and costume design. However, Piper is most well known for his prints and paintings of the romantic heritage of Britain; his explorations of rural Britain throughout his life (a passion that started with bicycle adventures in his native Surrey as a boy) have much influence on his paintings.  In his prints, his subject matter was predominately architectural; often abbeys, churches, houses, castles, cottages or details of architectural design. Dramatic, romantic combinations of colour, calligraphic line and experimental textures are the tenets of his oeuvre. 


BARBARA RAE CBE RA: Barbara Rae’s (1943) printmaking has been integral to her artistic activity since her student days. The way she conceives and works on her original limited edition silkscreens complements and informs her approach to painting. The discipline imposed by this media and the unique opportunities offered by them, create a set of possibilities, which stimulate her vision of the world, whether she is painting or making edition silkscreen, or simply observing.

Repare! Por Favor. Offers from £800

Autumn Sierra. Offers from £800









Donald Hamilton Fraser. Offers from £330.



Donald’s (1929-2009) predominant subject matter was landscape. Here he combined his Scottish decent and his affinity with French painting from his study there in the 1950′s. This is greatly reflected in his style and execution. He layered thick bright paint with a palette knife to produce an almost collage effect. The landscapes remain close to their origins whilst forming abstract almost dream-like fields of colour.



A night of love. Offers from £550

PATRICK HUGHES: (1939) In the 1970s and 80s Hughes was inspired by rainbows, ‘A rainbow is a transitory event composed of water, air and light. I tried to give it a mass, permanence and personality.’ Hughes rainbows are the reverse of the romantic: hard-edged, leaning against walls, emerging from dustbins, posted through letter-boxes. They exemplify those qualities in art which he cherishes above all:  the paradoxical, the absurd, the magical and the poetic. Hughes’ surrealistic leanings have been influenced by artists such as Paul Klee, Marcel Duchamp and Rene Magritte.

Cloudy. Offers from £650.








Small farmer large farmworker. Offers from £200.

SIMON PALMER: (1956) There is a quality in the hidden narratives and quirky perspectives of Simon Palmer that is quintessentially English. The tonal qualities of William Morris are recalled in Simon’s muted earthy hues and a calm tendency towards surrealism reminiscent of Stanley Spencer is evident in the unfathomable situations he represents. It was at Reigate School of Art where Simon studied illustration and graphic design where he was encouraged by his tutors to pursue landscape painting. Simon works in flat areas of interlocking colour creating an effect of collage which forces the eye to look deeper.


Teardrop. Offers from £350


STORM THORGERSON: His career as an artist began accidentally; around the time of his graduation from the Royal College Pink Floyd were completing their second album A Saucerful of Secrets, when a friend turned down the job of creating its sleeve. With no background in art or graphic design Thorgerson volunteered to step into the fold. Along with his friend Aubrey Powell he set up the British graphic art group Hipgnosis in 1968, they specialised in creative photography for album covers. Many of Thorgerson’s album covers were designed before the advent of advanced computer design software, and were created through the use of photography, paint and sculpture.



Appropriated Alphabets 8. Offers from £400


Sir PETER BLAKE: (1932) His interest in letters and typography began whilst studying Art at Gravesend Technical College (1949-51); Blake was given a thorough grounding in a wide range of crafts including Roman lettering, hand lettering, typography and typesetting.  This training has seeped into his work throughout his career with text often being an integral – or the only – element of a piece.  The use of ‘found letters’ or commercial lettering in his work is something that Blake adopted in the 1950s; allying himself with decorators, sign painters and commercial artists rather than the fine art establishment: declaring himself a ‘pop’ artist.  Blake has created several works based around the alphabet during his career, including his 1991 pop culture alphabet and his 2007 nursery collage alphabet.  His interest in the alphabet can be linked to the exploration of childhood innocence and nostalgia that permeates his work.


Appropriated Alphabets 2. Offers from £340

Appropriated Alphabets 6. Offers from £340

Appropriated Alphabets 5. Offers from £375

Appropriated Alphabets 10. Offers from £400


Appropriated Alphabets 11. Offers from £400

Appropriated Alphabets 4. Offers from £475