Mary Newton-Taylor

Mary Newton-Taylor studied at Birmingham Art College completing a degree and has worked successfully in graphic design and illustration, running her own business in Derbyshire. She has continued painting and drawing including completing commissions for portraits, garden views and illustrations in pastel and watercolour.

In recent years she has taken inspiration from garden studies and botanical reference continuing to develop her own style whilst experimenting with dierent subject matter and mediums. For the last two years she has acted as on-site artist at the RHS Chatsworth Shows, creating theatre at the event and exhibited at several derbyshire galleries. These close-up pastel drawings have been inspired by a series of studies undertaken at Chatsworth Gardens over the period of a year.

This sequence shows the changing face of the gardens over the seasons in a twelve month period. Mary strives to portray the uplifting joy and beauty that can be captured by the plants in each setting. The use of pastel producing a soft mix of colour and form depicting a series of intimate snapshots in hidden corners of the wonderful Chatsworth Gardens – one of the most beautiful outside spaces in the country.