Martyn Overs

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Martyn studied Fine Art at Walsall, Leeds and Birmingham Schools of Art, attaining a BA Hons in the History of Design and Visual Arts.

He started his career with West Bromwich Jubilee Arts (now The Public), as a Community Artist within a team of other practitioners. This role predominantly involved the production of mural projects and silkscreen posters.

In the mid 1980 Martyn started to work at the prestigious Goldsmith’s College of Art in London. He worked in the Sculpture Department, instructing students in numerous disciplines such as mould making and lost wax bronze casting.

For the past 10 years he has worked as an Artist in Education, helping both children and adults bring practical solutions to their creative endeavours.

After many years of working in 3D, Martyn has returned to his earlier passion for 2D colour & design, drawing great inspiration from the golden age of the 1930”s travel posters.

Shrovetide Posters:

The 1930s travel-poster style piece melds a number of significant Shrovetide themes in to a colourful modern artwork.

Created by artist, Martyn Overs, the prints are now on sale at St John Street Gallery in Ashbourne.

Although it’s quite traditional, it’s a poster in a modern style, beautifully done.

“It’s very simple and colourful and captures the essence of the event.” The posters, which are headed with Shrovetide 2012, feature the hug, a Shrovetide ball, the gallows and St Oswald’s church.