M D Hyde

M D Hyde (Martin David Hyde) is a modern artist who lives in Ashbourne in the Derbyshire Dales. He has a MA degree (with distinction) from Staffordshire University. He works with mixed media – soft pastel, oils and acrylics, usually on canvas.

Martin’s work represents the journey through modern life and its effects on heart and mind. The work is very personal and honest – layered with emotions, meanings and metaphors, represented by figures, characters, beasts, symbols and totems. He uses detailed marks and textures to add to the feelings within each piece. His work addresses themes such as hope, masks, isolation, joy, belonging, the push and pull, pressures, confidence, values, identity and mood.

As the world becomes more technologically advanced and pressures of modern life are ever increasing, we are advised to reconnect – with nature, family, friends, expression and your inner voice. As society becomes more de-humanised and disconnected, the need to connect with our primitive self becomes ever more important. The work attempts to bypass the ego and focus on the inner voice we all have.

“My intention is for my art work to be multi-layered. I want the viewer’s understanding of my artwork to evolve over time. I hope the artwork will evoke some emotional reaction, even if they don’t fully understand it. I believe once an artwork is completed, its meaning then becomes the domain of the viewer. It’s important for the viewer to put their own interpretation on the work even if it differs from my original intention.”