John Connolly


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John is a contemporary Landscape Painter working mainly with acrylics and mixed media using a variety of found materials that he incorporates into his work to create marks and interesting textures. John uses interesting techniques like flicking and throwing the paint onto the canvas to create runs and dribbles that suggest waves or interesting cloud formations. John has used beach sand, dried grass, twigs, leaves and ferns to create an interesting texture in a landscape or to represent itself.

John draws his inspiration from the vast sweeping horizons of the Derbyshire Peak District,  Cumbria, North Yorkshire Moors, the shorlines of Pembrokeshire, Cornwall and The Isles of Scilly. He rarely includes people in his paintings hoping that the observer can experience a feeling of remoteness and sense of place. On the occasions he does include people, he does so to give the observer a sense of scale.

His work can be found in many galleries around the UK as well as in private and public collections in Britain, Austria, Sweden, New Zealand, UAE and the USA.

John donated three of his paintings to the Air Ambulance services for fundraising.

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