Hazel Lale

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‘All remains open and exciting as my work helps me explore a range of ideas and ways of thinking which allows me to grow and enjoy being an artist.’

Hazel is an artist who is attached to themes that capture her imagination and allow her to break free of outlines with energy. It is not so much the subject but the light falling on pattern, a gesture, a discordant colour and a memory which fits a fleeting image.

Subjects she considers include figurative work, flowers, street scenes and animals, which allow her to play with colour. The challenge of landscape is also tackled.

Recent travels to other countries have provided hazel with an enormous amount of inspiration. Colour, architecture, different light and watching people interact with their environment, are all wonderful sources of material for pieces of work. Other influences are from a constant search to see how others are putting things together to tell a story. These influences are varied – from graffiti to artists such as Chuck Close, Andrew Wyeth, Mary Cassatt and many others.

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