Dennis Westwood

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Dennis is graduate of the Royal College of Art and a teacher for many years. Academia was abandoned in the early eighties in order to focus on being a full time professional sculptor. Subjective elements of the figurative tradition remain but interwoven with landscape and its folds and trails, with the interweaving of family and a return to beginnings - the continuum. Important too, are the sensual and tactile qualities - the eye as hand - whereby an image can be explored in many ways and create responses beyond an intellectual recognition of subject. One person exhibitions include many in London, also in New York, Chicago, Glasgow, Belfast, Newcastle-on-Tyne and the Lichfield Festival. Other London galleries include William Weston, Leicester and Hamilton Galleries and the Royal Academy also at the Royal Scottish Academy, the West of England Academy and a variety of Art Fairs in London, New York, Los Angeles, Zurich and Stockholm. Commissions/purchases include the Prudential, British Telecom, Singapore Airlines, Strathclyde and Lancaster Universities, Coutts Bank, Road Chef and Cumberland C.C.