Catriona Hall

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Catriona paints in acrylic on board at her studio overlooking the High Peak moors. She sketches the farm animals and birds that surround her studio, then stylises her subject to conform to a primitive norm of big bodies with insignificant legs. Although the proportion stray from realism, the marking and colouring of her subjects make them recognisable.

Catriona studied History of Art at Warwick University and went on to a career in publishing in London, before moving to the Peak District eleven years ago. Here she took up her paintbrush in earnest after many years of secret sketching. She joined Peak District Products, a group of local arts, crafts and food producers and was commissioned by Chatsworth to paint a series of farm animals to adorn various items to be sold exclusively at the great house.

She regularly accepts commission to immortalise pets and properties, albeit in her particular style. All her subjects face left, due to her inability to paint any other way, and she seldom employs whiskers.