Anna Thomas

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Anna Thomas is an artist living and working in South Derbyshire. Using oil and mixed media, her richly textured paintings are a direct response to the ever-changing scenes that surround her, and illustrates her fascination with the esoteric aspects of nature.

Anna has a first class honours degree in Art and Psychology from Surrey University and an MA in Ceramics from Cardiff University. Her early work consisted of large scale commissions from several London hospitals for stained glass and ceramic murals. She now lives near Ashbourne, and since having her family has concentrated on painting and smaller scale sculpture.

She has exhibited in the Ashbourne Summer Art Exhibition several times in recent years, and her painting “Grazing in Evening Light” was selected for the Derby City Open in 2012. This led to her being invited to present a solo exhibition “Beyond the Garden Fence” at the Derby Cathedral Centre in June 2014. Her painting “Sheep on Hard Ground” was the winner of the Derbyshire Trophy in 2014. Her most recent works continue to reflect a rural context and begin to explore the possibility of the narrative.

Her exhibition at St John Street Gallery in Ashbourne, “Awaiting the Swallows”, is a title that reflects the appreciation and anticipation of the natural world around her.

“I am thrilled by the changing patterns and colours that pulse through this working landscape, and I am always fascinated by the force of nature that oversees the farmers’ agenda. I carry a sketchbook and pencil with me so that I can readily record scenes and ideas, however brief. A few simple lines can often underpin a later composition, but it is often more important just to absorb the light and sound of a place, as this will be drawn upon in the studio.”

“Farmers plough, seagulls swoop, green tips sprout, crows pluck the tender shoots; and a the light changes, and as the sun greets us with a renewed warmth an glow, we eagerly await the swallows.”