‘The Nature of Paint’ Exhibition with Colin Halliday

Colin prefers to paint outdoors on location and only occasionally produces work in the studio. He manages to create a timeless quality in his paintings by focusing on nature itself as his subject, avoiding any figures or buildings.
He paints with thick, pure oil paint as a medium, applying generous amounts of paint to create interesting textures, causing the finished painting to sometimes take over a year to dry. 
You will not find fine detail in Colin’s work, rather a suggestion or hinting at it, thereby retaining a painterly quality. It is this painterly quality that is most important to his work; it speaks to the human soul and its individuality which is the message he wants to impart.
Colin has been painting for 34 years and has been professional for over 18 years. He’s had shows in London and all across the UK. Based in Derbyshire since 2005 most of his work has the Derbyshire Landscape as theme.

Click here to read the delightful interview we had with Colin a while ago.

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