Interview with artist Janet Mayled


Janet Mayled ‘Poppies’

We are very excited to announce Janet Mayled‘s first solo exhibition at the Gallery “A Patterned Approach” from 13th to 28th October. Please join us for a preview of her work on Friday 13th October from 5:00 to 8:00pm.

Janet trained as a textile designer and believe this training has greatly influenced her work, especially in the use of colour and composition. “A Patterned Approach”, a selection of still-lifes, landscapes and figurative compositions, considers compositional signposts such as perspective, foreground and mid-ground which  leads the viewer’s eye around the image, from one object to the next.  Using acrylic and sometimes other materials she builds layers of patterns and connections to create her distinctive work.

She is a member of Peak District Artisans and have had three articles about her inspiration and use of materials published in ‘The Artist magazine’ in 2015 and 2016.

We asked her some questions about her very distinctive artwork:

Why did you decide to become an artist? I have loved creating since childhood and always felt that this was what I did best, so it seemed the right thing to focus on. I left school at 16 to go to Chester Art School and then went on to study Textiles at Manchester Polytechnic. My textiles training has heavily influenced my work ever since, in my use of colour and pattern, although it took me 30 years to fully realize this and embrace it.

What inspires you? When I am out and about, at home or on holiday, I am thinking about the images I see and recording these.  People, landscapes, urban scenes; in fact, just about everything! It is also about the atmosphere; happy, sad, the weather being cold or warm, influences my approach.

What medium of art do you prefer? I am using mostly acrylic at the moment but I enjoy experimenting with textures by adding other things into my surfaces, such as fabric, papers and string.  I use acrylic for its intensity of colour and also its versatility, using it fluidly or impasto to create different surfaces. I am keen to experiment with other media and am always on the lookout for a new approach.

Which artist inspires you the most and how have they influenced your work? I am interested in artists who have used colour to create mood, and who have created compositions that draw the viewer’s eye with their colour balance and observation of light. I like the work of Hockney for his observations of the figure, patterning and colour use.  I also like the work of others, such as Matisse for similar reasons. I am also inspired by the large scale work of Janet Fish creating fascinating, complex compositions.

What do you regard as your major achievement?  This is tricky …. not sure I can judge it myself, as I see myself as following something that seems very frivolous.  I have won awards and written for ‘The Artist’  but the ultimate compliment is that others have bought my work and wish to have it on their walls. It is always a thrill when someone buys a painting.

Where do you see yourself going from here? I would like to start experimenting with oils and also to focus more on figurative compositions.

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