Interview with artist Colin Halliday

IMG_8311We are thrilled to announce a solo exhibition by renowned artist Colin HallidayA fresh view on the Landscape” from 26th May to 10th June. There is a preview of his work on Friday 26th May from 5:00 to 8:00pm.

Born in Cumbria in 1964, Halliday was brought up on a farm overlooked by the Pennines in rural Cumbria. The surrounding landscape was to have a lasting impression on him. Graduating from Exeter in 1992 with a BA Honours in Fine Art, he pursued his interest in contemporary art in London. In 2005 a move to Derbyshire put him in a new but essentially rural landscape again. As his relationship with that landscape became more established, Halliday realised the growing importance for him of the “application of paint”, and that painting landscapes without reference to people or buildings allows that to predominate adding a timeless quality to his work.

Colin had some interesting answers on the questions we asked him:

  1. Why did you decide to become an artist? I was twenty one years and working in a supermarket and thought I am always going to be working for peanuts because of my poor working class background. So I thought life is too short to throw away on just surviving. I thought I should do what I enjoyed and remembered loving art best at school plus I was good at it.
  1. What inspires you? Nature is the main thing – being brought up on a farm below Cross Fell in the Pennines in Cumbria means landscape is in my blood and soul.
  1. What medium of art do you prefer and why? That’s easy: oil paint. It stays wet longer and allows manipulation longer. It’s really the most versatile medium, although I also use acrylic and I sometimes work in mixed media .
  1. Which artist inspires you the most and how have they influenced your work? Blimey where do I begin and stop, there are so many. Constable at his loosest, the small outdoor sketch paintings are perhaps the biggest influence. I love painterly paintings and I would rather have his small outdoor work on my wall than any of the large work. Paint is allowed to look like paint, the application is all visible, the evidence of the human hand is not disguised or hidden. One is dazzled that such apparent random marks can make so much sense when one lets go. Detail is suggested – I think anyone who knows my work well enough can see the influence.
  1. What do you regard as your major achievement? I think just having painted for over thirty years, being professional for over half that time is a pretty major one for me. I can’t really say I am bothered beyond that, sorry but for me it’s what I enjoy most. Painting, it’s really that simple
  1. What awards/prizes have you received? I think you can guess given my previous answer. I never enter competions, it really doesn’t matter what other people think, I paint for me first and foremost.  If people need you to have letters or awards or have sell out shows in order to like your work then I say ‘jog on’. I love my art far too much to let anyone spoil it for me, and I believe that what comes from the heart speaks to the heart, everything else is just stuff, besides was Van Gogh successful in his lifetime?
  1. Where do you see yourself going from here? I will just keep going, keep trying, not to be influenced by the market or trends or be scared to try new things or go backwards.  I have come too far to stop now. Being a Capricorn I can be quite stubborn you know!!

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