Interview with Louise Jannetta, our artist for September

IMG_0374Our artist for the month of September is Buxton based Louise Jannetta. Louise has exhibited with us for a number of years and regularly presents her popular art workshops at the gallery, the next being “Rooftops in Acrylics” on 20 September. We exhibit work from her new sculpture range “Expectations” at the gallery in September and are also planning a solo exhibition with Louise at the gallery for July 2017.

Louise is a diverse and talented artist who is not afraid to take risks or to venture into new fields to explore and evolve her artwork, therefore she always surprises us! Here are some questions we asked her in order to find out more about this energetic and exciting artist:

Why did you decide to become an artist? I have loads of ideas that I want to express. I have spent the first few years of my life as an artist honing some of the skills needed to realise these ideas in a culturally relevant context and style.

What inspires you? Concepts, beauty and the poetry of an image.

What medium of art do you prefer? Why? I think that often an idea needs to be expressed in a particular way and using specific methods and mediums. With this in mind I have tried to master as many mediums and methods as possible. I find the more inquisitive and experimental one is the more the mediums reveal to you. There is so much beauty in the way that two colours and mediums might be made to interact. We also benefit from the development of a vast array of new products, brought about by mass production lowering costs and the advances made by the use of petroleum products such as plastics.

Which artist inspires you the most and how have they influenced your work? I think that Toulouse Leutrec is still my favourite artist. I have loved his work and held him in great esteem since I was very young. He has a beautifully sensitive line that responds so directly to his subject. He chose to depict the hard, underprivileged world of women who lived lives that were not respectable in the eyes of society, but his work always showed a deep respect, empathy and love of his subjects.

What do you regard as the key benefit of your workshops to participants? I would like to introduce my students to some of the techniques and methods that I utilise and some I have discovered. There are so many methods and techniques that help an artist to paint so if one can get informed of these techniques then labour is made easier.

What advice would you give to prospective artists who want to attend your workshops? Although we may be following a format, eg. have an image that we will attempt to realise, my lessons are very much about seeing things in your own way and taking the advice on methods and mediums that I can give away with you. I always bring along some interesting mediums and a variety of products so that the students can try out these before committing to a purchase.

What do you regard as your major achievement?  I have produced a number of unique, appealing and interesting ideas, my Duck Doodle series, the painted textures using oils, watercolour and printing techniques, and my collages. Now I have a body of work that the general public admire and commit to financially I have started to work on my more conceptual ideas. I will attempt to keep both sides of the art going. I have a number of ideas still to realise and I am looking forward to the next few years with enormous relish.

Find out more about Louise and her art at

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